Did you just take some sickening nudes to send to dates on Grindr or Tinder? To ensure these pics don’t come back to haunt you when someone swipes in your gallery is to delete or lock em up.

Here are 5 password-protected galleries apps where you can secure your thot shots.

1. Private Photo Vault


Private Photo Vault allows you to import photos into albums and hide them behind a PIN lock.

Private Photo Vault is available for iOS devices.

Price: Free



When you launch the app, a fully functional calculator appears. All you have to do is punch in your 4-digit PIN number and the equal sign, and you have access. Along with hidden photos, you can store PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and text files.

Price: Free

3. Gallery Lock Lite


Unlike other apps, Gallery Lock Lite lets you put the app icon in “Stealth Mode,” so it doesn’t appear on your phone. If you opt for this feature, you’ll have to access the app by typing in an asterisk, your password and pressing “Call.” Gallery Lock Lite will also catch a photo of any intruder with your phone’s front-facing camera after three failed password attempts.

Gallery Lock Lite is available for Android devices.

Price: Free

4. KeepSafe


If you’re looking for a simple app with basic password protection for photos and videos, check out KeepSafe. Simply type in your PIN and import photos to albums in the app. After importing photos, make sure you erase the photos from the gallery on your phone, since the app does not automatically delete them.

KeepSafe is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Price: Free

5. Vaulty


In addition to password-protected galleries, Vaulty allows you to edit your photos, sort and filter your files, and create multiple vaults with different passwords. Not only does it hide photos, but also videos. Like similar apps, Vaulty includes a “mugshot” feature, with which it snaps a photo of anyone who enters the incorrect password.

If you have a subscription with Vaulty and lose your phone, you can easily restore your vault and recover your hidden photos. Users with subscriptions automatically have their hidden photos and videos backed up online.

Vaulty is available for Android devices.

Price: Free

What are you hiding?