FKA twigs’ rise from experimental R&B mystery woman to a genuine star pushing the boundaries of pop music happened so quickly that we still haven’t caught up. Now, over the course of three nights, the singer/dancer/producer/choreographer/director performed  a very special concert at Brooklyn Hangar. The exciting next step in her evolution, Redbull Music Academy has given Twigs complete freedom to bring her unique vision to the stage.

Congregata has to be one of the most ambitious & unique performances I have been to in quite awhile. The lighting design was outstanding with calculated transitions which included a wall of red lasers that stuck down upon FKA Twigs in straight streams that was then manipulated on her sequined top as part of the choreography. The use of strobe lighting and percussion while performing “Papi Pacify” recreates something akin to the song’s video that rivaled even Madonna’s performance of Like A Virgin during the Blond Ambition Tour. Then on to Twigs’ use of industrial fans & billowing red chiffon during her signature song, “Two Weeks” which created something awe worthy and gorgeous.

FKA Twigs & Dancers

FKA Twigs & Dancers

Through out the performance she was accompanied by 10 dancers wearing costumes by Alexander McQueen, and striking four piece band. One of the highlights of the night has to be when she brought out half a dozen vogue dancers including Dashaun Wesley, Javier Ninja & Leiomy Maldonado who took The Brooklyn Hanger’s energy to a new high, striking poses and performing jaw dropping stunts.

At the end of her set list FKA thanked the audience and introduced her dancers as she sat and cheered them on to a reprise of “Give Up”.