Kristii is a former opera singer turned film actress who appears in Chagall-Malevich, the acclaimed period drama about two artistic geniuses and their uneasy relationship.
She counts two artistic geniuses as the main inspirations of her artistry: Michael Jackson for his dancing and Whitney Houston for her singing. However, she doesn’t go so far as to measure herself up to them.  “They’re Gods in my mind and I couldn’t dream of matching their talent,” she says.  “My goal in life is showing the world what I can do.”  That includes opera, drama, and now, urban pop.
This month, Kristii is out with “Lightning,” her blazing new duet with bad boy Chris Brown.   The hot track mixes rap with R&B and showcases Kristii and Brown reaching damn-near towards the caliber of Jackson and Houston.  Together, they create a dope, spontaneous sound that is spirited yet erotic.
“Lightning” featuring Chris Brown and Kristii is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. 
We caught up with Kristii in New York City.
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How did an opera singer from Austria break into urban pop? 

It all started from me being in the biopic film, Chagall-Malevich. I played the lead role of Marc Chagall’s wife, and it required me to record a track, singing.  A music producer heard me in the booth and asked me to record with him in Los Angeles.  I had been to  America before but never Los Angeles.  It truly is a magical city!  I arrived a movie actress and left a pop singer.
How did you connect with Chris Brown? 
We met through the man who became my manager.
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What was your first impression of Chris?
Let’s just say I’m attracted to bad boys.  It’s my weakness.
Do you have a favorite Chris Brown record? 
Who doesn’t?  I love “Turn Up the Music”.  Oh, and “Lightning,” of course.
What was it like  to collaborate with Chris on Lightning? 
(Laughing) It’s such cliche to say that it was a dream come true but it really was.  We had this instant connection.  I know, I know, another cliche.
Did you have complete creative control in the studio?
In the studio, yes, but the song was a collaborative effort.   The melody was written by a really cool European producer, Lars, and the rhythm was mostly Chris’ creation.   I co-wrote the lyrics.   I laid down my vocals in Europe and Chris recorded his in Los Angeles.   The producers in LA turned the track into what it is now, a really dope and energetic song that is amazing to dance to.
Rapper O.T Genesis also appears on the record. 
Yes, we can’t forget O.T.  I was actually in the studio at Paramount in Los Angeles with O.T. when he was recording his vocals to the track.  It was amazing to see such talent at work.  He’s also a real sweetheart.XEX Magazine kristii2

You really do love your bad boys.
I told you I do!  I can´t express enough how blessed I am to have worked with two amazing artists.  It’s an experience I´ll remember forever and will cherish until the end of my days.

What was the most important thing that you learned from them? 
To express how I feel and to not be afraid to own it.

What has the response been to the record?
I hear programmers are loving the track.  We’re expecting it to hit radio in the USA this fall.  It’s on Spotifiy and iTunes now.

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Who would you like to collaborate with next?
Kristii: I´d love to collaborate with so many artists!  You want me to list them?  Off the top of my head: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Post Malone, Taio Cruz , Big Sean… Oh man, I can really go on and on.

Is another single in the works?
I’m about to release a new song called “Break the Rules.”  It’s a hot track that I’m pretty sure you guys are gonna love.  That should come out in October 2017 so look for it.