Award-winning design company NATIVE UNION, launches ANCHOR – a minimal, weighted  charging pad for Apple Watch. Precision engineered without screws, and constructed from just two components, ANCHOR is a simple yet stylish home for your watch and magnetic cable. Made from weighted zinc alloy with a non-slip silicon base, it anchors your watch and charger in place, preventing them dropping to the floor when charging.

Fabien Nauroy, Head of Design at NATIVE UNION comments, “ANCHOR’s minimal footprint and paired back design will appeal to Apple Watch users who want a simple, stylish and effective way of charging their watch and keeping their magnetic cable in place.”

unnamedThe Apple Watch’s magnetic cable fits securely between ANCHOR’s two components, which slot simply together. The combination of ANCHOR’s weight and non-slip silicon keeps your charger and watch where you want them, eliminating the frustration of your cable or watch dropping to the floor while charging. The back of the watch magnetically connects onto ANCHOR to begin charging, allowing the screen to remain fully accessible for checking messages and using apps.


ANCHOR’s brushed metal finish and soft, dust-free silicon, makes a minimalist design statement whether sitting on your desk or nightstand, offering the simplest solution when recharging and using your device. It is compatible with all three Apple Watch models – Watch, Watch SPORT, Watch EDITION – and most strap styles and sizes.*

ANCHOR for Apple Watch Features:

• A new home to both your watch and your MagSafe charger, offers maximum comfort, relaxation and stability
• Fuss-free assembly – Precision engineered without screws, made up of dust-proof silicone and weighted zinc alloy
• Feed your Apple Watch’s MagSafe inductive charger into the dock where it becomes an integrated part of the design
• 48mm x 48mm x 14mm Weight: 100g
• Available in Silicone
• *For Apple Watch Milanese or Link bracelet straps, the straps will need to be unclipped before connecting to ANCHOR.
• $29.99 at

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