At a fashion presentation at Pier59 Studio during New York Fashion Week S/S 2018, Lead Hairstylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look, and her team were sponsored by Sutra Beauty and SEVEN haircare to create fun, wild texture for the Taoray Wang’s new fashion line, Taoray Taoray. The innovative presentation was so interactive, that there were racks of clothes for guests to actually try on! Chinese designer, Taoray Wang, is best known for refined tailoring, sophisticated silhouettes and luxurious fabrics; but her exciting new line, Taoray Taoray, is all about creating bold shapes and trendy designs that all the cool kids will want to wear.

“Taoray was debuting this new line aimed toward a younger demographic than her original label. I was told that the hair needed to be modern and easy. I always find that the coolest hair, is hair that has a mind of its own, and they were receptive to that concept. We made the hair look out of control, and she loved it!” Cooper explained. The overatll look of the models for the presentation was coined “Wild and Free”, and it was created using SEVEN haircare products: Satara Waxx, Cubica Classic Hairspray, Borato Boost, Gazar Diamond Polish, and Cubica Dry Shampoo. For models with curly textures, the stylists sprayed the hair with Classic Hairspray, and curled the hair with the smallest attachement from the Sutra 4P Curling Iron Set. Stylists then used their fingers to rough up the hair for out-of-control texture. The models with straight hair had Borato Boost applied to their roots and a Sutra Ionic Infrared Dryer was used to create root lift. The largest barrel of the Sutra 4P Curling Iron Set was used to create a slight bend, and Cubica Dry Shampoo was sprayed throughout the hair for body and texture. Depending on the length of their hair, male models either had Satara Waxx ran through their hair for a messy, piecey look, or Gazar Diamond Polish smoothed on top for shine. “The SEVEN haircare line is one the most inclusive lines out there, so I knew I needed them for this diverse presentation. There’s a product in there for everyone, they nailed it.” said Cooper

About SEVEN haircare

Seattle-based SEVEN salon quickly grew from a crew of nine stylists to a full, thriving team of 65. As they expanded, they outgrew the heavy, sticky products that had been designed to please a small audience of professionals needing rigid, photo-ready styles. They wanted a change, and so did their clients.

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