A few years ago we introduced #XEXitscene on Instagram to highlight our editors night out around the city. The hashtag then expanded to a column on the website & print editions as we captured the artistic and fashion-conscious Who’s Who in the nightlife scene at some of our favorite nightlife experiences.

Now we are taking it a step further with a closer look at some of our favorite nightlife personalities. To kick off this new segment with did a Q&A & photoshoot with @JeffreScott whose emerging flamboyant style caught our eye this past year.
Interview: C. Nieves | Wardrobe: Jamil Moreno

Most Memorable party experience?
I feel like I can’t even answer this! I’ve had so many memorable moments I don’t even know where to begin. I met FKA Twigs at 11:11, I’ve seen a couple eat knives that are on fire at The Box (among many other unmentionable performances…), I got pulled into a photo shoot with Mike Ruiz at Gotham, I’ve swam in a hot tub in the middle of a club at a rooftop party at Le Bain, and I even had the honor of being in Mishka’s lookbook where I basically just got to party in the Mishka offices all night while wearing their new collection! This barely touches on all of the good memories I have but that’s the beauty of NYC and it’s nightlife. Every time I go out I never have any idea what’s going to happen.

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Favorite party in NYC right now?

There are so many to choose from, but my favorite has to be Ladyfag’s Holy Mountain. The venue is huge, there’s 4 different rooms with a different party in each one, and there’s always a different theme. I always meet the most amazing people when I’m there and the party is a total debaucherous free for all. Anytime there’s a theme I love to interpret it into my own aesthetic. Also who doesn’t love a costume party??

How long does it take you to get ready?

What am I glueing to my face this time? The time it takes me to get ready varies tremendously depending on what my look is for the night. I’ve been able to get ready in 30 minutes some nights, but other nights it’s taken me 3 hours or even more. I usually start getting ready in the late afternoon because I never know how long it’s going to take.  

jeffrey scott xexmag Favorite look?

One of my favorite looks was my look from this past New Years. I ordered a ton of fake rose tattoos online and put them all over my face and neck. I was SO over putting them on because it took over two hours but I was beyond happy with the end result. I wore those with a black PVC pant and red thigh high boots and was feeling my whole fantasy.

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Cocktail of choice?
My favorite thing to drink is a frozen mojito when I’m feeling extra but usually when I go out I just stick to a vodka ginger or tequila soda.
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What is the source of inspiration for your nightlife look?
My nightlife look is entirely an extension of myself and my personal style. I’ve always been a huge fan of fashion as well as icons like Leigh Bowery, Pete Burns, Walt Paper, and other queer icons who are huge advocates of self-expression without regard to societies ideologies. I look at it as my art form because I’m super passionate about it and I pour a lot of myself, time, money, and energy into creating looks (and going out in them).I find inspiration from everywhere. I always look to social media, fashion shows, magazines, and honestly even my friends. I’m surrounded by so many creative people who uplift me and inspire me to do what I love so I rarely find myself in a creative block anymore.
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Train to the club or Uber to the club?
I tell myself almost every time I go out that I’m going to take the train to the club, but as soon as I have one drink in me you can catch me in the corner ordering a car!


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What’s the best time to arrive to a party?
I never like to get there as soon as the party starts. I like to be “fashionably late” as cliché as it is. I usually like to get there around 1am. It gives me time to get ready, probably re-glue the same rhinestone to my face 80 times, pre-game with friends, and then show up with still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of my night; which somehow always ends up ending at 7 in the morning…


Favorite Instagram follow?
I constantly find myself looking through various instagrams for makeup and look inspiration, but lately I keep finding myself going back to Fecal Matter (@matieresfecales). They make all of their own stuff, and really have their own brand that’s so original and aesthetically polished I keep wanting to come back for more. I saw them out one time when I was in the lower east side and they were wearing these huge architectural outfits made completely out of window blinds that looked like something from a Gareth Pugh show and I’ve been the biggest fan ever since.