A few years ago we introduced #XEXitscene on Instagram to highlight our editors night out around the city. The hashtag then expanded to a column on the website & print editions as we captured the artistic and fashion-conscious Who’s Who in the nightlife scene at some of our favorite nightlife experiences.
Now we are taking it a step further with a closer look at some of our favorite nightlife personalities. We did a Q&A with @Pauli.Cakes whose bold style caught our eye at FIGHT CLUB in April.

Most Memorable party experience
When you go out as much as I do, your nights kind of blur together and become one movie. The most memorable part of it all is the greater amalgam experience & the relationships developed through living creatively.

Favorite party in NYC right now?
Fight Club in Williamsburg, is great! Robot Moonjuice brought me on to host recently. It brings me back to my roots in the Bronx and everybody involved is humble, sincere, and cute. I have to give a shoutout to Lady Fag’s Holy Mountian, Kayvon Zand’s Gotham, and Susanne Bartsch in general for being the iconic old school bad ass.

How long does it take you to get ready?
I wake up like this… just kidding between 2 – 7 hours.

Favorite look?
In general, with my looks, I try to satirize expectations of femininity and exploit overt sexuality; my favorite being those that achieve this cohesively. Some others who I am inspired by in our community are Linux Therobot, Cae Monae, Amanda LePore, Cupcakke, Radical Pom, Archie Goats, Jess Christina (@GROSSBEYONCE), Xaina X (@CVNTESSA) and Fernielle (MissMaryMora) … I feel like these people’s looks say something about their personality and create a gorgeous ambiance. They all achieve a sort of rebellious intellectual spirit, while still slaying.

Cocktail of choice?
Cristal! Just kidding, anything they bring me for free.

Other of choice?
I’ve been known to stand in line for the bathroom, but I think that drugs are secondary to my creative endeavors and desire to engage with a group identity through collective experiences and collaboration.

What is the source of inspiration for your nightlife look?
I ultimately transmute different layers of my identity into forms of appearance and characters. I’m really inspired by different facets of NYC along with different goddesses and archetypes. From a postmodern perspective, you could describe my general aesthetic as neo-vintage- pulling from the glittering excess of the late 90s and early 00s.

Train to the club or Uber to the club?
If I’m hosting or totally naked I will usually call a car but if I’m in a large group its really fun to train mob. I enjoy bringing the color and joy of our world into the larger public (until someone touches me or one of my friends, and then they get smacked).

What’s the best time to arrive to a party?
Every party has a different rhythm and timeline; for Justin Angel’s Museum of Sex 8:30 at the latest, for Gage Boone’s Spectrum never before 4 AM.

Favorite Instagram follow
I follow and am followed by @JacQTheStripper & @cummanifesto. These two women are empowering activists and feminists who lobby for sex worker’s rights. They subvert expectations of sex workers in order to de-stigmatize the industry, as well as to ultimately increase safety for both trans and cis sisters.