Alternative pop band, Drawing North, have premiered their new single, “Stay”. The track is the first release and lead single from Drawing North’s forthcoming new EP, due out this spring.

Check out our interview below with answers by Drew Southwell

Tell us about the early stages of Drawing North. How was the band formed and where did the name come from? 

We started a few years back and we were all friends that wanted to make some music together. We had jammed around earlier, but started taking it seriously more recently. The name came from a play on my name (Drew Southwell). Drawing came from Drew and North came from Southwell. It was originally for a solo project but we all liked it and it suck with us as we always wanted to venture north to America and do music there!

We loved your recent cover of Ed Sheeran’s’ “Shape of you.”  Why did you decide to cover this song?

It was such a smash by Ed so we thought it’d be rude not to! We had a lot of fun doing it, thanks for the kind words!

Who are some the bands top musical influences? 
One Republic, Coldplay and more recently artists like Diplo, Major Lazer and Jonas Blue.
Any dream collaborations?
Would love to write a song with Adele. Touring with One Republic or The Weeknd would be super fun!
Drawing North by Drawing North

You recently premiered your song “Think about you” and “Stay” from your upcoming EP. What song from the EP means the most to you and why?

I’d say ‘Think About You’. It’s one of those songs that is heartfelt, and is about something that everyone feels at some point. I think it resonates with a lot of people and for that reason it means the most to me.

You’ve played SXSW and The Sundance Film Festival in the US. What was that experience like for you ?

Insane! Both were huge parties that took over the cities. Sundance was incredible because the environment was so beautiful and we got to snowboard which we love to do. SXSW was just a lot going on and was quite overwhelming, but in a good way. The city was absolute mayhem!

Any plans for a tour in the US? If so, which cities are at the top of your list?

Every single one! We are planning a college tour for the fall and plan on touring more intensely throughout the start of 2018. We want to get to as many places as possible.

What’s next for Drawing North?

We’re performing a farewell show in our hometown of Canberra and packing our bags and moving to the USA in September! We’re also releasing a new single very soon + the video for ‘Think About You’!