Watch & Learn Kids as visual artist Kia Labeija slays in Pillar Point’s latest music video, voguing her way through Bogotá, Colombia in search of her love. The video takes us through the festive streets & markets of of La Candelaria as Kia gracefully Pop Dips & Spins to the amusement of local passersby. Directer Jacob Krupnick’ goal was to remix dance and vogue elements onto a new platform to form new perspectives.

He says, “When I go see dance in formal settings—battles, or balls, or Broadway—I usually wish that I could see the performance in a more interesting environment. Stages just don’t interest me nearly as much as the real world does.”

We think he definitely hit the mark, the juxtaposition of the traditional Old Way performance style against such brilliant rural landscapes gives the video a contemporary appeal.


Kia Labeija comes out of the New York Ballroom Scene’s legendary House of Labeija ( Yes the one from Paris Is Burning) – where voguing & performance have flourished since the 80s. In addition to learning from “The Legends” Kia has  trained at Julliard and the Ailey school, and even danced in a Michael Jackson tribute tour. She also happens to be an HIV/AIDS activist, and this video’s celebration of beauty perfectly complements her work to de-stigmatize the illness celebrate love rather than fear.


All that to say Kia Slays!