Carlos Campos AW18 show for New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the designer drew inspiration from pop icon Juan Gabriel. The collection consisted of sleek outerwear, silk shirts, and loose tailoring, a modern interpretation of the singer’s look. Though the singer’s sense of style was famously flamboyant, Campos’s collection was restrained, and key makeup artist Dana Arcidy of Metro Look practiced similar restraint in the makeup look she created for the models.

The main focus of the look was healthy, dewy skin. Arcidy and her team used skincare by Adam Revolution to prep the models’ skin. They massaged in Bio-Intelligent Anti-Aging Moisturiser, which contains hyaluronic acid microspheres to plump up the skin. Under the eyes, they used Bio-Intelligent Eye Contour Cream which over time, reduces dark circles, and instantly decreases puffiness. Arcidy stressed that properly moisturizing skin is essential before applying makeup, especially in the colder months.

After the skincare was absorbed, the team used tinted moisturizers and concealer on the models to perfect the skin. They applied Color Me’s Underglow Hydrator with a pulsating foundation applicator, also from Color Me. Of the device, Arcidy explained, “You can use this for skin care, or for any type of skin makeup—cream, liquid, powder. It makes blending a snap, and pushes the makeup into the skin so it doesn’t look like it’s just sitting on top of it.”

Though mostly male models walked in Carlos Campos’s show this season, there were several female models. On the runway, they sported a brown smoky eye with smudged out eyeliner. Arcidy said, “Juan Gabriel definitely wore a bit of eye makeup on stage. We didn’t want to do a literal recreation of his look, but we wanted something that would be both suitable for a performer and pared down enough to work with this elegant collection, so we decided on a brown smoky eye.”

After the eyeliner was smudged out and a natural lip tint was applied, the look was complete. Makeup, hair, and wardrobe saluted the late singer and gave an understated nod to mariachi music.

About Adam Revolution

Adam Revolution is an Italian luxury skincare brand offered by Skincare Industries. The product line represents the synthesis of the modern discoveries of regenerative medicine. It utilizes biotechnology and natural sciences to create effective anti-aging and moisturizing solutions.

About Color Me

Color Me was founded by beauty industry veteran Eric Jimenez, who sought out the most advanced, hygienic, and simple way to apply makeup. The Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator features a disposable sponge and pulsates at a rate of 15,000 times per minute. The end result is an airbrushed finish, with much less effort.

About Metro Look

Metro Look was founded by makeup artists and hair stylists Dana Arcidy and T. Cooper. The two artists and their talented team collaborate on a variety of projects in the world of fashion and beyond.