Leitmotiv MEN’s collection is inspired by the funny world of TOYS and recreates real virtual sets, populated by animated macro silk-screen printing with shiny colours and flat images serving as background to SuperLEIT, brave hero with ultra-powers. The digital prints seem to have originated from a street artist’s or a cartoon animator’s imagination. A world full of plastic and cards thought for positive and adventurous personalities.



Rock font, 3D graphics and visual effects cohabit with flowers, mushrooms and other nature elements.
A charming mix which also involves the selection of materials: leather, natural fibres, fur and synthetic fabrics are used for jackets, sweatshirts and bomber jackets. “Jacquard cartoons” knitwear and “icon” sweatshirts show comics and transmuted embroidered animals which, in turn, become the real protagonists of this collection, along with the Leitmotiv logo which appears everywhere!

Lines and cuts are inspired by a rock version of the urban sportswear, combining items coming from a classic-style wardrobe.

Among the latest entries of this year there are the original poncho with comic strip decorations and jeans with patches and embroidery, the flannel shirt with sharp-cut coating, oversize scarves and synthetic-fur bags.

Leitmotiv-FW15-Lookbook_fy10 Leitmotiv-FW15-Lookbook_fy13