Article by Ramona Jones

Inspired by streetwear pioneers like A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club, emerging clothing brand Wizzol X is carving out a unique design niche; merging graphic design and art. Wizzol X showcased their latest twenty-piece collection at Project 4, a popular art gallery located in Washington, DC. on September 20, 2014.

The lead designer of the brand (and graphic designer for Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group)- Dante Butler- is perfecting the art of contrast, experimenting with daring prints, patterns and colors. He effortlessly juxtaposes hard and soft aesthetics. For example, a 3-D sweatshirt is adorned with the imagery of a bed of roses. The brand’s namesake (Wizzol) was derived from his affinity for roses and also by the arrival of his daughter in 2010, aptly named Rose.


Dante Butler, lead designer of Wizzol X, in Project 4 Art Gallery in the historic U Street Corridor in Washington, DC

Butler strives to “take the wild lifestyle”, he was brought up in and translate it into “an example of a lifestyle of real roses” with his futuristic street attire. While some of the pieces embody a “Back To The Future” vibe,  Tupac Shakur’s poem, “A Rose That Grew From Concrete”, embodies the brands’ essence.


The latest from Wizzol X including a metallic pullover, bomber jackets, graphic designed t-shirts ripped denim, and a grecian statue head.  Items can be found

Sponsored by Box Water, Red Velvet Cupcakery and Juki TV, the designers’ pop-up presentation encompassed more than just a brand presentation, as they also curated the “Black Balloon Campaign” to highlight social issues. A portion of sale proceeds went to the United Black Fund Inc, whose mission is to showcase family focused initiatives that provide parents with tools for raising children, while encouraging neighborhood education and recreational activities that guide and direct youth while serving the critical needs of the population, promoting community-based problem solving.


With the Superego Wizzol X collection, Butler is enlivened and galvanized by his humble beginnings and the choices he’s made.  He’s offering more than clothes, he’s offering a voice of inspiration via fashion, giving DC habitués choices in the market that inspire. With this collection, Butler has -at the very least- made a commendable statement.