N-p-Elliott how to: Lead Hairstylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look, and her team were sponsored by Not Your Mother’s and Sutra Beauty to create whimsical, blown away hairstyles for the N-p-Elliott show at SoHo’s most interesting Fashion Week venue, Cadillac House. N-p-Elliott was founded by Scottish designer, Nicholas P. Elliott in 2014. Elliott sought to create exciting yet accessible pieces that have longevity. Having studied both Fashion and fine art, the interdisciplinary skills garnered during his time in London can be seen via his work. N-p-Elliott seeks to revel in otherness in our day to day reality.

The hairstyle was appropriately named “Gone with the Wind” by Cooper. The look was executed using Not Your Mother’s products: Beat the Heat Thermal Shield Spray, Whip It Up Mousse, After Curfew Hairspray, and True Story Beauty & Hair Oil. “Upon having a discussion with Nicholas, I knew that this hair would be like no other we’ve ever done – in a good way, of course. Nicholas explained to me that this collection was heavily inspired by a Scottish cult, and wanted to make the models look like they’ve been through the ringer. We decided to make them look as if they’d been traveling through a storm. The hair looks are meant to convey that the models have been blown around in fierce wind. The one female model, who is of course the High Priestess that all the boys in the cult worship, has perfect hair, because she controls everything, and never has to lift a finger.” said Cooper.

For male models:

The stylist started off by using Beat the Heat on the hair, to protect the models from heat damage. Next, Whip It Up Mousse was applied directly to the roots and the hair was blow dried with a Sutra Pro blow dryer upside down for maximum height. The stylists used their fingers to guide the direction of the hair. The next step was different for each model depending on their hair texture and length. The models with straight, short to mid length hair were teased to create gravity defying locks. On the curly haired models, a Sutra Ionic InfraRed flat iron was used to stretch the hair, and make it as big as possible. On models with long straight hair, the hairstylist used the Sutra 4P curling Iron Set to create rough texture. The look was finished by spraying After Curfew hairspray to hold the look in place.


For our female model (High Priestess):

Beat the Heat was spritzed throughout the hair for thermal protection. The model then had Whip It Up mousse applied to the hair from root to tip, and True Story oil was applied to the ends only. Next, the model was given a smooth blowout with a middle part using the Sutra Pro blow dryer. The stylist sprayed After Curfew to tame flyaways, and applied a little bit more True Story oil for shine, before placing a custom made flower crown on her head.

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