Finding a hair product line that addresses all of your needs is so difficult. Either all of the products are geared toward styling or hair care; it’s rare to find a line that concentrates on both. Ecru New York has developed the Holy Grail – a hybrid of great styling items and fabulous hair care! Ecru New York makes styling products that contain ingredients to improve hair quality. Having to sacrifice healthy hair to achieve cool hairstyles with lasting results is now a thing of the past. Whether your hair is damaged, fine, frizzy, or limp Ecru New York has got you covered.

Article: T . Cooper | Photography: Adolphus Amissah

Ecru Acai

For hair repair:

Acacia Protein BB Cream is a light, versatile beauty balm designed specifically for hair (formerly beauty balms were for skin only). The multifunctional, leave in formula utilizes the moisturizing and protective qualities of Acacia Collagen™ to treat damaged tresses. Acacia Protein BB Cream also contains Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Jojoba Oil, and Silk Amino Acids to protect hair from further damage. This paraben free product is safe to use on color treated hair, and can be used on hair whether wet or dry.



Ecru Volumizing

For fine hair:

Volumizing Silk Mist is a fine mist with silk fibers that add body and strength to even the finest hair. Ecru New York has taken the guess work out of bodifying your lifeless locks. Hydrating silk and wheat proteins increase volume, improve strength, and add luster to damp or dry hair. The alcohol free mist balances moisture and provides lasting protection against harmful thermal and UV damage.



Ecru Silk copyFor frizzy hair:

Silk Nectar Serum is a light weight serum intended to smooth and polish frizzy hair while providing moisture and strength. This miracle formula smooths curls, tames flyaways, and promotes shiny hair. The nourishing serum uses silk proteins, vitamin E, and safflower oil to condition and strengthen hair by restoring the cuticle. Silk Nectar Serum also contains capsicum frutescence which acts as a mild exfoliant for the scalp and increases blood flow for healthy hair growth.



Ecru BalmTo add texture :

Silk Texturizing Balm is a styling balm that separates, defines and adds hold to all hair length and hair types. This product has hydrolyzed silk proteins and sea algae, which strengthens hair while creating texture, and increase moisture retention. Only a minimal amount is needed to create that illusive piecey, lived in texture that we all love.